Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick Update

Sorry for the delay -- we did get our paper redone on Wednesday. We went to Columbus on Thursday and had the apostille affixed to it, and then sent it to Europe. It should have arrived yesterday, and we are still hoping that our documents will be submitted this week.

On Wednesday, Greg re-drafted his employment letter, and then my dad and I went to the bank to have it notarized (there are some definite advantages to the fact that my husband works for my dad :) ). It was quick and painless. Then I took the employment letter to the Clerk of Courts to have it county certified. At first, the girl behind the desk couldn't find the notary's name in the system, but after some patience, she discovered that it had been entered under the notary's first name instead of the last name as it should have been. Once she found the name, she gave me the certification right away, so other than a little bit of lost time, there was no trouble with this step either. Once we got home Wednesday evening, we packed our suitcases and got ready to leave town. We had already made plans to spend the weekend in PA with Greg's family so that we could meet our brand new nephew.

Thursday morning we got up early, loaded the car, and hit the road. Fortunately, Columbus is right on the way to PA. We drove the nearly two hours to Columbus, and arrived about 11:00. We got our apostille with no trouble, and walked to the post office less than half a mile away. We didn't know that the post office was in a Federal Building, and we had to walk through medical detectors just to get to the postal counter. We discussed the possibility of having me wait outside with the kids, but we decided that it would be good practice for the airport. There was a bit of a line, but once we got to the detectors, we got through without any incident. We mailed our package, walked back to the car, and left Columbus about two hours after we had arrived. We had hoped to be there less than an hour. We then stopped to get lunch for the kids, and drove the three remaining hours to Greg's parents house. Gabriela screamed for over an hour of the trip, but we did make it to PA, and we had a wonderful trip.

Now we are just waiting to hear that our papers have been submitted. Please pray that this will happen soon, and that God will provide for us. We are very near the point of needing money for travel and fees, and we don't have it at this point. Thanks for your prayers and support.

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