Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some wonderful news!

Guess what? We got our home study! This was an unexpected blessing, because we have still not been able to pay our adoption agency everything that we were supposed to pay them before the completion of our home study. We knew that our home study agency had sent the paperwork to the adoption agency, but we expected that they would just hold on to these forms until we had raised the rest of that fee. We were completely shocked and overjoyed when it showed up at our house yesterday. So now, we are working like crazy on grant applications. Most of those require a completed home study before you apply, so we haven't been able to move on those until this point. I just submitted our first application, and Greg is working on a second right now. We have made a list of all the documents we need for a third application, and we are going to start tracking those down tomorrow. In addition to the work on grants, we are also holding a large fund raising event on Sept 29th. Stay tuned for details about that. I am hoping to put together a blog post all about this fund raiser in the next couple of days.

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