Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fundraising Update

We just want to give everyone a quick update on the fundraising opportunities for our adoption.

We submitted a grant to National Adoption Foundation the middle of last month. Their board was supposed to meet the last week of September, and recipients were to be notified in the next two weeks. We are now two full weeks into October, so we are assuming we did not get that grant. We are disappointed, but we know that God has the perfect plan of the funding of our adoption. We are able to resubmit our application for consideration next quarter, so we are planning to do that.

We submitted an application to Help Us Adopt near the end of last month. The deadline is the middle of this month, but they won't make a decision until early December. We would appreciate your prayers, as they tend to give priority to childless couples.

We are nearly finished with our application to Show Hope. The deadline for that one is the end of this month, and we anticipate sending it in at the beginning of next week. They will make a decision within 90 days of that point.

Other fundraisers:

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pancake breakfast and silent auction fundraiser was a great success in spite of a smaller crowd than we had hoped for. As a result of this fundraiser and a few donations that came in afterward, we were able to submit our 800a and make a small payment to our agency. Praise God!

We're having a similar fundraiser on this end of town next month. Since November is national Adoption Month, we are hoping for a better turn-out. We are also having this event in the evening, not the morning, so hopefully we won't have all the sports and work conflicts that we had the first time around. We are going to do a dessert and silent auction this time, and might even have some live entertainment. We already have a few donations in hand, and several more are already pledged.

Greg already wrote a brief post about our wristband fundraiser, and we have had some success with that.

We also have a new opportunity to benefit our adoption just by buying coffee. Simply follow the link to our store front Anything you buy will benefit our adoption. All of their coffee is Fair Trade, and as much as possible is also organic and shade grown. Check it out.

I think that's probably enough for now. We have two more fundraisers in the early planning stages, but I will save them for a later post.


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