Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thirty-one Fundraiser

Hello Everyone,

I want to let everyone know about one very specific way that you can help us raise money for our adoption.

A little while back, one of my college friends was telling our story to an online friend of hers. This woman, whose name is Shannon was very touched by our story, because she has a teenage son with Down Syndrome. Shannon is a consultant for Thirty-one gifts, and decided to do a Thirty-one party and donate her entire commission to Isabelle and Hallie's adoption. We were shocked and thrilled that a complete stranger would want to help us in this way. My sister-in-law, Maegan agreed to host the party for us, and they chose yesterday for the event. They raised more than seventy dollars for our adoption. For those who don't live in the greater Pittsburgh area, but would still like to participate in this fundraiser, Shannon has set up an on-line event. Follow the link to her page Then click on either "My parties" or "Place an Order." Both of these take you to a list of her parties. The hostess is Maegan Godwin, and the event name is Godwin adoption fundraiser. Twenty-five percent of anything spent as part of this event will go directly to our adoption. If you (or someone on your Christmas list) likes purses, totes, or organizational supplies, check it out. Shannon will leave this event active until November 24th.

Our updates might not be very regular over the next few weeks. My parents leave for China this Friday to bring home their two newest children, and we will be living at their house taking care of their fourteen children who still live at home. Several of those children are teenagers and are very mature, so we will have help taking care of the little ones. We are excited to have the extra time to spend with them, but we know things are going to be even busier than usual. We are going to try to continue updating everyone on our process, but if we seem very quite, that is why. We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this time!



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