Monday, May 13, 2013

Good News!

We have some good news about our adoption. We learned today that our Agency received our Letter Seeking Confirmation, or LSC. This is the next big step in the adoption process, and we are thankful to be that much closer to bringing our girls home. Our agency is going to overnight that to us, and once we have it, we can submit the paperwork to USCIS for our i800. Sometimes it seems overwhelming that there are still so many steps to get through, but it is really exciting to be past another major milestone. In ten to twelve weeks, we should be in China! I can't wait to get my girls home!

We have started doing a little bit of our shopping for the trip, and that is so exciting. We bought a baby doll for each of them, and a little hat, and a pair of sunglasses. We want to try to find some good touch-and-feel books, but we haven't gotten any of those yet. We still have plenty of time, but it feels really good to be close enough to start picking up some of these things. Question for other adoptive families: What was the best thing you brought along for your child? We would love to learn from the experiences of other families.


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