Sunday, September 20, 2015

More home study drama

In my last update, I mentioned that our home study was finally finished, and we were thrilled. Well, it seems like nothing is going to be as easy as we expect this time around, because when we got the home study, we discovered a few small but critical mistakes in it. We contacted the home study agency, and they were very understanding, and agreed to fix the mistakes as quickly as possible. We emailed them a statement of what the homestudy should say, and they printed them off and sent them back out to us. Imagine our disappointment when our home study arrived for the second time, and there was STILL one critical mistake in it. In their hurry to get our home study back to us, they had missed one of the corrections. They apologized again, and corrected it one more time. This time, the let Greg proof an electronic copy before printing it out, and he said it looks good. The home study finally arrived yesterday for the third (and hopefully the final) time, so we are hoping to send our paperwork to USCIS in Monday's mail. In addition to the frustration with the errors, our home study agency told us that they were very sorry, but they had accidentally sent us an outdated fee schedule, and we owed them another fairly large fee right then. We were feeling pretty discouraged.

But God graciously provided us with encouragement when we so badly needed it. I also posted that we were going to be having a Jamberry fundraiser, and I am happy to report that it was a huge success. As a result of that fundraiser and other donations that have come in since my last post, we have the funds that we need to pay the extra fee to our home study agency, and still almost $200 more toward our next agency fee. We are still short of the money that we need, but we are closer than we were, and we are very thankful for that. We know that God will supply all that we need in His perfect timing. Many, many thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraiser or donated to our adoption. You have know idea what a huge source of encouragement you were!

Thanks always for your prayer and support.

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