Friday, February 5, 2016

Two Bits of Good News

It's been a long time—much too long—since I've posted here, and I hope it won't be this long before I post again. We have two pieces of good news to share today:

1. Our LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) has been issued from China and is on our way to us! This means that our process is still moving forward. Even though China has already pre-approved us to adopt Jonathan, we will be officially matched with Jonathan once we sign and return the LSC. Our agency had been hoping it would be issued before Chinese New Year, and we barely squeaked in before that deadline, as that holiday is this coming Monday. Praise God for this!

2. We got word last week that we were approved for a $2,500 matching grant through God's Grace Adoption Ministry! That was a HUGE encouragement to us, as we still need a lot of money to bring Jonathan home. If you'd like to help us reach that $2,500 goal (with GGAM's matching portion, this could result in a total of $5,000 for our son's adoption), you can go to their support page. Just be sure to select our names in the Who would you like to help? field. (We're listed as Greg & Kristie Godwin- Ohio.)

Kristie has continued to research items (books, stress-relief objects, etc.) that might help Jonathan with his transition to our admittedly crazy family. She might have more to say about that sometime later. For now, we're thanking God for the LSC and the matching grant. We're still working on other grant applications, and we'll keep you posted on those as we hear back.


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